Summer 2018 Update – T-Shirts / New Music / Secret Project

Hey kids, I got a few quick updates:

FIRST – New T-Shirts in the Merch Area. Badass new design. You’re gonna love this one.

Nick Vivid Bliss T-Shirt

SECOND – New Music. I just finished recording vocals for a track done by the artist Poetically. He’s a badass electronic musician out of Copenhagen, Denmark. I was honored that he asked me to sing on this new track for his upcoming album and I’ll let you know when that’s gonna hit the planet. As far as MY next album – the follow up to Nicksploitation: Pre-production has been going on steadily since December 2017, and it’s almost getting time to put the pedal to the floor and record this sucker. If you’ve been checking my instagram, you’ve already been privy to a couple snippets. The feedback to those little samples has been amazing. You guys are gonna be blown away by this next album if you dug those. I’m kicking my own ass hard to make this one the best yet.

THIRD – There’s no shortage of activity behind the scenes, but, of course, I usually only tell you guys about stuff when it’s done. And, this secret project is no different. But, just so you know, there IS a secret project, and it’s VERY cool. I’ve been brainstorming ways to give you guys even more cool free stuff, and this goes in that category. So, stay tuned.

FOURTH – The live performance video for “One Way Mirror”, the latest single from Nicksploitation, is out:

All for now

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March 2018 Update – New Music and More

Hey hope all is good. Got some new stuff brewing, and wanted to share a few updates.

– I got a new album in the works. I’ve written about 30 new ideas. 6 of which I really like. I’m gonna keep hustling to bring you a fantastic new album in 2018. I’ve been regularly posting bits and pieces of new ideas on my Instagram, so if you ain’t following me there, do it now!

If you missed the Nicksploitation Experience when it went live, you can catch it here:

The Nicksploitation Experience takes you through all the tracks on my latest album, Nicksploitation, with lots of behind the scenes info and bonus stuff. If you wanna skip to Day 1 of the 7 day experience:

The Nick Vivid store has been updated with Neighborhood Watch Hustler Hoodies and new t-shirt designs, as well!

Thanks for listening, and thanks for your support –


musical artist nick vivid



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I figured today was a good day to officially announce my new album, Nicksploitation. I’ve been working for the past year on it, and I’m really proud of it.

The album comes out 10/6, with pre-release tracks and video premieres starting September 15th.


1. Belly Rub
2. Neighborhood Watch Hustler
3. Empire State of Mind Part IV
4. One Way Mirror
5. Beautiful Nowhere
6. I Really Love You
7. Nothing Magical
8. Slicey

Check out my Instagram story for live updates / mixes in progress from the studio

The first single will be “Neighborhood Watch Hustler”. I recently shot the video in Manhattan and Brooklyn with my man Geoff Hug. That will come out 9/15.

Here’s the Cover Art:

Nick Vivid Nicksploitation Album Cover

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Vote for “Too Much Light”

The French Title of the Year Competition, Election Ziklibrenbib, is taking place at libraries in France. You can vote for my track “Too Much Light”.

From the website:

“Discover artists who prefer to believe in you rather than in the recording industry!
The fine team of Ziklibrenbib offers 11 varied and quality titles, selected with passion by 24 discotheques spread all over France.

Listen to them, copy them, broadcast them … it’s completely legal!
Once you’ve found your favorite track, vote for it here or in one of the participating media libraries … until May 28th! to vote!

Its the “VOTER” link at the top, then on the dropdown select “Voter en ligne”, fill out the form and hit the “ENYOVER” button at the bottom.

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New Mixtape Released

The Electrowaves Mixtape has been released! You can get it in the releases section of the website.

New Chiptunes for you SID Chip Freaks!

The ASAP Podcast did a cool review of “Too Much Light” from Watch it Fly. Check it out here:

Check out this Swaaamp Edit of “Too Much Light”!

The “Everybody’s Lost” single release featuring tracks from the Watch it Fly album is on Spotify.

Look for my next full length album in early June 2017, with live shows to follow.

See yas!


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Winter 2016/2017 Update

Hey kids happy holidays and all that. I hope your new year is spectacular.

2016 has been good to me. “Watch it Fly”, my debut solo album, has gotten positive reviews and earned me lots of new fans. I’m glad you’re all here. Welcome to my world.

  • The single for “Everybody’s Lost” was recently released on iTunes/Spotify.
  • I’ve got a new mixtape coming out soon. The guys at Electrowaves asked me to do a DJ set for their podcast and show on Radio Tsunami in Italy. I decided it was a good opportunity to finish up some ideas I liked but wasn’t using for my albums. I created this 30 minute spacey electronic instrumental mix with 8 tracks. All new material. Check out for info on when that gets debuted.
  • My new full length album is 50% done. There’s gonna be 9 or 10 tracks at this point. I’m still debating between 12 new ideas to figure out what stays and what doesn’t. I’m psyched about it. I have a title and cover. All will be revealed soon.

That’s it for now. Updates and email blasts will follow in early 2017. Happy New Year!

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End of Summer Update

Hello! Some updates from Nick Vivid HQ:

– Had a fun interview with some fellow Commodore 64 chaps on the sceneworld podcast, talking about my love for underground and illegal digital artforms. And of course, the sid chip.

– Shooting for the Roberta film is near complete, however, it will probably be used exclusively for the stage performance, so, sorry, no proper music video.

– The stage show is in progress. I’ve been planning and amassing stage equipment and plotting out the show. It’s taking forever, but i spend 24×7 on these things.  All blame for delays must be placed on the universe.

– Material for the new album is in the works. A title has been somewhat settled on, but that may change. The cover art is done. The record right now has about 15 ideas being worked out. Not sure where this is all going, but it’s been an exciting and uncomfortable journey, which is what good art should be. I am staying in the same style as “Watch it Fly”, and just taking it to the next place.

– Hope to see you on stage and with a new album as soon as possible.


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Watch it Fly released on Cassette and more news

Hey kids, good to see you again. Dig this: My label, MegaPlatinum, has released Watch it Fly on Cassette tape!

I got the test pressing in about a week or so ago, and they did a great job with it at the pressing plant. I couldn’t be happier with the results. The tapes were pressed in a cool orange shell, as well.

Right now, they’re on sale for $6 in the store. So grab one now!

In other news, been doing a lot behind the scenes.

  • I released an unofficial Pikachu video for “Everybody’s Lost”, which is on my youtube page.
  • spun “Roberta” on a recent episode of the Snow Plow Show.
  • I started filming the “Roberta” music video last weekend.
  • The live show is in progress, which involves a lot of cool lighting and video projection effects that I’m building right now. I hope to be regularly touring starting in the fall.
  • I’m already back at work, developing the next record, and also planning some covers and singles for the late summer / early fall.

Thanks for the initial enthusiasm for Watch it Fly. I’ve been so stoked by the positive comments and new fans I’ve gained since the album’s release. Onward and upward from here.


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