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Summer 2018 Update – T-Shirts / New Music / Secret Project

Hey kids, I got a few quick updates:

FIRST – New T-Shirts in the Merch Area. Badass new design. You’re gonna love this one.

SECOND – New Music. I just finished recording vocals for a track done by the artist Poetically. He’s a badass electronic musician out of Copenhagen, Denmark. I was honored that he asked me to sing on this new track for his upcoming album and I’ll let you know when that’s gonna hit the planet. As far as MY next album – the follow up to Nicksploitation: Pre-production has been going on steadily since December 2017, and it’s almost getting time to put the pedal to the floor and record this sucker. If you’ve been checking my instagram, you’ve already been privy to a couple snippets. The feedback to those little samples has been amazing. You guys are gonna be blown away by this next album if you dug those. I’m kicking my own ass hard to make this one the best yet.

THIRD – There’s no shortage of activity behind the scenes, but, of course, I usually only tell you guys about stuff when it’s done. And, this secret project is no different. But, just so you know, there IS a secret project, and it’s VERY cool. I’ve been brainstorming ways to give you guys even more cool free stuff, and this goes in that category. So, stay tuned.

FOURTH – The live performance video for “One Way Mirror”, the latest single from Nicksploitation, is out:

All for now