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“Blissed Out” comes out May 17th!

“Blissed Out” album cover

I’m psyched to announce my new album “Blissed Out”. I spent the better part of 2018 writing and recording this one.

Tracklist info, bio, and playlist:

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“Nick Vivid might just be New York City’s most exciting and experimental underground artist, mixing exploratory, acid-rock wildness with gut-punch dance and electronic sounds. Listening to Blissed Out is a brain-twisting, heart-pumping experience—one minute you’re floating through the clouds in a psychedelic haze and the next you’re brought down to earth and hooked into the sounds and rhythms of the New York City streets, with electronic beats and rhythms firing your synapses. Much like the album title itself, Blissed Out will leave you in a wholly ecstatic state.” – Richard Bienstock, Editor, Guitar World Magazine