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Winter 2016/2017 Update

Hey kids happy holidays and all that. I hope your new year is spectacular.

2016 has been good to me. “Watch it Fly”, my debut solo album, has gotten positive reviews and earned me lots of new fans. I’m glad you’re all here. Welcome to my world.

  • The single for “Everybody’s Lost” was recently released on iTunes/Spotify.
  • I’ve got a new mixtape coming out soon. The guys at Electrowaves asked me to do a DJ set for their podcast and show on Radio Tsunami in Italy. I decided it was a good opportunity to finish up some ideas I liked but wasn’t using for my albums. I created this 30 minute spacey electronic instrumental mix with 8 tracks. All new material. Check out for info on when that gets debuted.
  • My new full length album is 50% done. There’s gonna be 9 or 10 tracks at this point. I’m still debating between 12 new ideas to figure out what stays and what doesn’t. I’m psyched about it. I have a title and cover. All will be revealed soon.

That’s it for now. Updates and email blasts will follow in early 2017. Happy New Year!