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End of Summer Update

Hello! Some updates from Nick Vivid HQ:

– Had a fun interview with some fellow Commodore 64 chaps on the sceneworld podcast, talking about my love for underground and illegal digital artforms. And of course, the sid chip.

– Shooting for the Roberta film is near complete, however, it will probably be used exclusively for the stage performance, so, sorry, no proper music video.

– The stage show is in progress. I’ve been planning and amassing stage equipment and plotting out the show. It’s taking forever, but i spend 24×7 on these things.  All blame for delays must be placed on the universe.

– Material for the new album is in the works. A title has been somewhat settled on, but that may change. The cover art is done. The record right now has about 15 ideas being worked out. Not sure where this is all going, but it’s been an exciting and uncomfortable journey, which is what good art should be. I am staying in the same style as “Watch it Fly”, and just taking it to the next place.

– Hope to see you on stage and with a new album as soon as possible.