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March 2018 Update – New Music and More

Hey hope all is good. Got some new stuff brewing, and wanted to share a few updates.

– I got a new album in the works. I’ve written about 30 new ideas. 6 of which I really like. I’m gonna keep hustling to bring you a fantastic new album in 2018. I’ve been regularly posting bits and pieces of new ideas on my Instagram, so if you ain’t following me there, do it now!

If you missed the Nicksploitation Experience when it went live, you can catch it here:

The Nicksploitation Experience takes you through all the tracks on my latest album, Nicksploitation, with lots of behind the scenes info and bonus stuff. If you wanna skip to Day 1 of the 7 day experience:

The Nick Vivid store has been updated with Neighborhood Watch Hustler Hoodies and new t-shirt designs, as well!

Thanks for listening, and thanks for your support –


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