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New Album Status

Hey kids, here’s an update.

New Album:

  • Has a Title
  • Has 10 songs
  • Has most of the vocals tracked
  • Has one song pretty much completely mixed
  • Needs more tracking of keys, bass, and guitars
  • Needs to be mixed and mastered
  • Has a planned cover photo shoot in the next few weeks
  • Has a tentative late March release date

The new album will also be free for download by anyone who wants it. I’ve experimented enough with paid vs. free distro for the past few years, and I like free better. The music gets to more people, and for some reason placing an expectation on financial reward from my work interrupts some aspect of my creativity. So, that’s done. Will Google Play and Spotify play nice and allow me to stream without actually selling anything? Not sure yet, my distributor might lose my phone number once I inform him of my new direction.

Touring and merch will be my prime sources of revenue, not like that matters to you. But that’s the plan.

Patreon also exists in some form. Currently it’s limited to $1 donations in exchange for a Thank You. I’ve no other plans with Patreon at the moment.

And what do I think of my new album so far? Certainly the most honest work I can make right now, and that’s good enough for me.

While perusing my Google life, I stumbled upon this cool photo from Fabio Torre Photography. I love finding photos I don’t remember. I’m assuming it was from my days with The Nuclears.

[custom_image type=”image” src=”” width=”940″ height=”300″ crop=”c” title=”Fabio Torre photography” ]