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Album Update #2

Hey kids, been crazy busy at Vivid HQ, aka The Pentagon Recording Studio, tightening up the new record. Things are moving in good directions, and here’s some updates from the last post.

There are now 9 songs on the record. One was cut. It just wasn’t coming together in time.

The new tentative release date is April 1st, less than a week away. We’ll see if that happens. But that’s what I’d like to happen.

If by Monday night the album is ready to go, then I will release the album title, tracklist, and cover art.

I took over 1000 pictures a few weeks back for the album cover and promo. You can see some of those on my instagram. More will be posted in the coming weeks.

I cleared out my mailing list. If you’re on it, you can have the album for free. So get on it!

That’s about it. If all goes well, look for an update Monday night.