That’s too sick of a secret to keep
You better find someone you trust
Not keep it buried beneath
Damage comes in many forms

Society convinces you that it’s normal
When your mind controls you
Caresses and stangles while it holds you
Turns you inside out
You don’t know what to believe
You live with the doubt
That there’s no end in sight that you can achieve

I know what it’s like

It’s a killer
Once you felt the buildings shake as traffic rolled by
Moreso than the others
Hearts under wraps and under covers
No, they ain’t got a care on their minds
And you can mimic the way
They make it all go away
But the quiet still refuses to play

That old song’s alive
Living in the moment
That old song’s alive
Living in the moment

Do you know what it’s like?

Music and Lyrics by Nick Vivid