Recording Studio

May 9th, 2012



recording studio

Nick Vivid’s recording studio is designed for the needs of NYC’s rock, punk, and indie rock markets. Analog recording and vintage sounds at a great price.

Yamaha RM2408 console

This is the heart of the recording studio – a modded 1984 Yamaha rm2408 with Neve 1073-style EQ’s, customized during months of exhaustive testing. It is custom loaded with ADC 100D output transformers on the stereo buss and Carnhill (NEVE) transformers on the individual channels. Coupled with the Helios Type 69 and API VP26 preamps, this nyc recording studio has every classic element going for it!

recording studio
Teac 80-8

Teac 80-8. Half inch 8 track deck. Instant 70’s tape compression/saturation for your basic tracks.

revox a77
Revox a77

Revox a77 mk3. 1/4″ 2 track mixing deck. Modded to the same specs that made this machine a mainstay at Abbey Road Studios in London.

Mastering is done digitally with a M-Audio Profire 2626 with a Black Lion Audio Microclock mk2, and a choice selection of great plugins designed to make the mixes standout.


Ensoniq DP4 Effects Unit. Provides 2 sets of stereo effects / delays / reverbs.

Wards Airline Vintage Spring / Plate-style Reverb

Multiple VST plugin effects available

Final mix/master is run through an classic ADC 100D Transformers and an SSL G Series 4000 compressor for that “glued like an album master” sound


The sound of the recording studio mic preamps is modeled after the legendary Helios Type 69 consoles. The Helios Type 69 was used to record Led Zeppelin, Thin Lizzy, T.Rex, Queen, The Who, ELO. This sound is responsible for a  ton of classic albums in the 1960s and 1970s. I use the Helios Type 69 for most of the tracking in the studio. For other purposes I also use the API VP26 with Gar2520 opamps.


2 ADK-TC Condenser Mics modded with GK251 Capsules and EH 6072a tubes
(Telefunken ElaM 251 Clones)

Studio projects C4 stereo condensers

2 Sennheiser 421’s

Shure Unidyne sm57 (original)

Shure sm57

Shure ksm27

Beyerdynamic m201

Shure beta52

Shure sm7


Yorkville YSM1’s (originals) / Adcom 535 Power Amp

Flat but rocking. For people who know nyc recording studios, picture an NS-10 with bottom end. They’re better than NS-10’s in my opinion.


M-Audio Profire 2626 (modded with 5532 opamps) w/Black Lion Microclock mk2. Nothing digital sounding about this digital rig.


Vintage 70’s Ludwig “Power Factory” 4 pc Kit (maple w/black finish and bonham modded 6ply toms – 14×12 and 16×14)

Tama 14″ Ludwig Supra clone / Tama 13″ “60’s sound” snare

2 custom Orange Avatar 2×12’s loaded with Celestion G30H’s / Celestion Greenbacks / Jensen c12n speakers

1984 Marshall JCM 800

1982 Fender Concert modded by Lee Jackson

GK Backline 4×10

Ampeg B50R Bass Amp

Newcomb H-25 Vintage / Sounds like Fender Tweed!


live room (tiled and baffled options)

control room – mixing in a comfy rock and roll environment



Pre-production included in all recording studio packages (includes discussion of material, listening to mp3s, attending rehearsals, instrument choices, approach to recording etc). For making demos, I’m recommending these 3 free recording software programs.


Tracking at Nick’s recording studio is rated on a per-song basis. Mixing and mastering is an additional $15 per hour (see below for details). All projects/sessions require a 50% non-refundable deposit (based on the tracking/per-song rate) at the time of booking.

1- 2 songs: $240 per song

3-5 songs: $200 per song

6-9 songs: $180 per song

10 or more songs: $170 per song

Mixing/Mastering: An additional $15 per hour on top of the per-song charge. Standard edits and mixing setups are still included in the per song package. Major changes such as tempo shifts, re-dos, re-recording or re-mixing previously approved material will be part of the $15/hour charges. Estimate for most projects is 2 hours or less per song to mix and less than 5 hours for mastering.

For mixing and mastering projects that were not recorded here, please inquire for a quote.


Blank Tape is purchased locally from I use RMGI/Emtec sm911 formula tape. Sm911 is the only formula made today for that classic “rock and roll” sound. I make no money on tape. Rates for recording to tape are as follows:

Tracking Tape – For recording basic tracks (drums/bass/some guitars) – 1/2″ sm911 tape 2500′. $65 per reel. Each reel will handle roughly 3-5 songs. (20-25 minutes of music)

Mixing Tape – For the final mixes – 1/4″ sm911 tape 2500′. As of August 2013, the price of tape has risen. The mixing 1/4″ tape is now $34 per reel. Each reel will handle around 3-5 songs (20-25 minutes of music total). If it’s a 1-2 song session, a reel of 1200′ tape should suffice, which costs $22.00


At this time, the most effective distribution is pure digital. No overhead. Low cost/fees. I can help with making sure artwork is to spec and files are properly setup for online retailers. I can sometimes do a good service getting distribution set up for you. In many instances, bands I work with like using Tunecore. Check them out. As of this time, physical distribution is very limited availability.


If you wish to press your own product and/or create promo materials or other physical goods, I recommend Pirates Press. Great customer service and product. I can help get all of your artwork and materials delivered to pirates press in the manner in which they need them to do an effective job.

RAISING MONEY: has been VERY successful in the past for many bands I know.

Please contact Nick by email at to discuss your project.