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Free Estimates on all guitar repair services at my musical instrument repair shop. All charges by the job – not by the hour.

Flat Rate Services:

  • Guitar Setup – $60 (Standard 6 string acoustic & electric guitars) – Strings included.
  • Bass Setup – $75 (Standard 4 string Basses) – Strings included.
  • Guitar Setups – for all other styles/configurations please call for a quote.

Free Estimates on all other guitar services and amplifier services at the daytime Musical Instrument Repair Shop. Email or call (646-397-6251) for the following:

  • Free consultation on sonic enhancements and mods
  • Guitar Pickup replacement (from $40)
  • Guitar Electronics replacement (inputs, switches, jacks – from $40)
  • Guitar Refretting (from $200)
  • Guitar Restoration
  • Guitar Amp Repair / Bass Amp Repair
  • Vintage Amp Repair
  • Amplifier Retubing/Tube Biasing
  • Speaker Repair/Reconing/Replacement
  • Guitar Pedal mods/repairs
  • Amp and Pedal Modifications (many cool things can be done to improve the quality and sound of your gear. Call or email me to find out what’s possible with your setup.)
  • Reel to Reel Tape Machine Repair (Tascam/Teac/Otari/Studer/Revox etc)
  • Mixing console repair (Tascam/Yamaha/Soundcraft etc)
  • Turntable and Turntable Preamp Repair / Mods / Builds

For the best NYC Guitar Repair and NYC Guitar Amp Repair, contact me at 646-397-6251. It will be my pleasure to speak with you. I’m located near the J Train so contact me for Brooklyn Guitar Repair and Brooklyn Guitar Amp Repair too!

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Musical Instrument Repair Shop is open Mon-Sat 10am to 6pm. 646-397-6251

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