From guitar refretting, to consultation on strings, action, pickups/electronics, and general guitar restoration, Nick does it all. Nick helps his customers make informed decisions as to their options for guitar repairs and guitar upgrades that fit within their budget. The typical turnaround time is 2-3 days for all guitar repair services. Free phone or email consultation. 646-397-6251.

Standard Guitar Repair Services Include:

Pickup swaps
Electronics repair (pot replacement/input jack replacement)
Refinishing / Custom paint
Adding pickup cavities
Replacing pickguards and hardware
Tuner upgrades

Guitar Setups:

All Guitar Setups include (when needed):

Neck cleaning
Nut filing
Fret levelling
Truss rod adjustment
String guage / brand selection
Electronics cleaning
Input jack cleaning
Pickup height adjustment

Guitar Setups Pricing:

Standard 6 string acoustic & electric guitars – Strings included – $60
Standard 4 string basses – Strings included – $75

12 string guitars, 5 string basses, floating tremolos like Floyd Rose, special considerations – Strings Not Included – $70

For the best Guitar Repair NYC and Guitar Setups, Call Nick at 646-397-6251. From vintage guitars, to modern, he’s looking forward to speaking with you. See below for some photos of various setups and repairs done at the shop.

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